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Top Five Microfinance Banks In Nigeria

Given the economic nature of Nigeria, you find out that most citizens instead of waiting for a ‘white collar’ job have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. However, capital has always remained an issue for many. The idea of a microfinance bank offers the solution to this problem. A microfinance bank is a bank that offers […]

Top 5 Spiciest food in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with a lot of delicacies. Spicy foods is not left out in the Nigerian diets. This is because Nigerians love pepper in their food. A particular tribe in Nigeria is often times mocked for adding excess pepper in their food. The most popular peppers in Nigeria are tatashe (bell peppers), ata […]

Top Five Nigerian Celebrities That Look Alike

In Nigerian entertainment industry, there are celebrities even though they are not related but they could pose as twin. Having a double ganger or someone people may refer to as your twin because of the similarities is rare. A times you might want to carryout a DNA test to confirm the duo are not related […]