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How To Renew a Nigerian International Passport, Fee

Having a international passport is not as difficult as first imagined. With the international passport one is capable of travelling anywhere around the world, yes around the world. When the passport expires then what do you do? Well this article will help enlighten you on how to go about renewal of passports and other things. […]

How to stop unsolicited messages from Airtel

Are you finding it a burden receiving unsolicited messages from Airtel ? Do you wish to be informed about how to stop receiving these messages from these service providers? if yes then this article is for you. In agreement to the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) policy, which instructed all network providers in Nigeria to provide […]

How to start a tipper business in Nigeria

Housing is now a marketable commodity in our contemporary world, most especially in Nigeria where new houses are been constructed virtually on a daily basis.  Trucks or tippers are used as haulage services such as trucks used to carry materials for building such as sands, stones etc. and because of the rate at which companies […]