How To Start Ice Block Making Business

Have you ever been to a vicinity where there is hardly light or if there is even light, it is not adequately sufficient. Well in such areas individuals needs to cool their things like cooked foods and drinks etc. and also take cool drinks, because of inadequacies of power supply a need has arisen, giving an opportunity to potential entrepreneurs.

Ice making business has turn into a lucrative business, though it is area dependent. This article will help one know the basic rudiments in starting ice production business.

Why Is There A Huge Demand Of Ice In Nigeria.

There are quite various reasons consumers demand for ice in Nigeria and they include:

1. Geography and weather:

Nigeria lies in the earth’s equator which means we are in the tropical region. This means we enjoy more direct sunlight and heat compared to temperate regions such as Europe etc.

As a result of this our weather is hot and humid as the sun shines brightly, because of severe heat condition people prefer to drink chilled drinks and knowing this retailers tend to have ice which cools the drinks.

2. The terrible electricity condition:

The inadequacy of power supply in Nigeria is a major reason why individuals demand for ice. Individuals needs to cool their stuffs most especially food, as ice acts as a preservative. Ice purchasing in cases like this tend to reduce cost and the rigorous process of ice production.

3. Relaxation and social event:

Most wedding events and other social events tends to see cold drinks to people that attends such events, as a result of this there is a huge demand of ice which are used to cool the drinks.

How To Start Ice Block Business.

They is quite a small business that requires basic materials which are readily available. There are 4 basic things that you need to start the business and they include:

1. Water:

This is the most important red material in ice block production. Ice blocks are made from ever which are Freezed to a very low temperature below zero degree centigrade.

Inasmuch as water is everywhere it is advisable to use fresh and clean water because your target market will want to buy ice produced from fresh water, this is because most use the ice to cook foods/drinks and when the ice melts the water can come in contact with the product that will be eaten or drunk, impure or bed water can easily contaminate the food. To avoid use of bad water, hygiene and cleanliness of the highest order is advisable.

2. Packaging:

Ice are usually packaged in transparent white nylons, this helps to hold the water in place before it turns to ice. The bags help a lot in transportation and handling of the blocks. packaging helps to provide unique brand to your business differentiating it from other ice producers.

3. Ice block making machines:

Ice block machines are more like deep freezers with higher cooling/freezing capacity. There are both foreign and locally made brands of these machines depending on your budget.

Some things that an individual should keep in mind while purchasing the machine includes:

Capacity: This is the number of blocks the machines can produce, some can produce 20,50 and over 100 blocks at a time.

Freezing time: This is the amount of time required for the water to turn to ice. Some machines transforms water to ice faster than others this is because of varying rating of the compressors.

Compressor: This is the heart of cooling system and can affect the quality of ice produced and the time taken to produce it. Compressors are fated according to horse power one can find one of 1.5Hp, 2Hp, 2.5Ho and 3Ho.

Warranty: This is a situation whereby if there is a kind of slight fault, the individual can carry the machine back from where he bought along the time allotted for the warranty. In buying the machine one needs to make sure buying from a competent manufacturer that provides sure warranty.

4. Generator:

Due to unstable power supply, one needs a standby generator. This enables the individual meet up with consumers demands, making you competent.

There are various tips to know if one wants to be successful in ice production business and they include:

⁃ Target market: The business tribes well in high populated area because it ensures high demand of ice. one should note just like other businesses, ice production. business is a seasonal business.

Now you can startup your ice production business.

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