How to stop unsolicited messages from Airtel

Are you finding it a burden receiving unsolicited messages from Airtel ? Do you wish to be informed about how to stop receiving these messages from these service providers? if yes then this article is for you.

In agreement to the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) policy, which instructed all network providers in Nigeria to provide a USSD code that their customers can use to opt-out of any category of unwanted text messages. The various network providers have released various codes, which are collectively know as DO NOT DISTURB (DND) service.

The DND service represents the code that their various customers can use in other to stop receiving unsolicited messages from these network service providers.

We have two categories of the DO NOT DISTURB SERVICE

1. The partial mode: In this category the customer will have the option to choose the category of message he wants or wishes to stop receiving and the one he wishes to receive.

2. The full mode: in this category the customer will stop all unsolicited messages and calls from network providers from ever coming to your phone

How to stop unsolicited messages from Airtel

Airtel DO NOT DISTURB service enables the customer to opt-out of receiving promotional messages for 3rd party services. The process is quite easy and straight forward.

The service is of two categories which are

Fully blocked mode:

This enables the customer to opt-out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS.

Partially blocked mode:

This enables the customer to filter service categories for promotional message they wish to receive, any category not selected is blocked.

How much does Airtel DND cost

The service is totally free to customers.

How to Activate Do Not Disturb on Airtel

Customers will be able to perform the following DND activities via SMS

• View status

• Activate full blocking

• Activate partial blocking

• Opt-out of DND

Simply text the following codes below to 2442 or text HELP to 2442 to select your choice.

• SMS 1: to stop banking /insurance/financial SMS.

• SMS 2: to stop real estate SMS.

• SMS 3: to stop education SMS.

• SMS 4: to stop health SMS.

• SMS 5: to stop consumer goods and automobiles SMS.

• SMS 6: to stop communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT SMS.

• SMS 7: to stop tourism and leisure SMS.

• SMS 8: to stop sports SMS.

• SMS 9: to stop religion SMS.

• SMS STOP: to stop all SMS.

• SMS OUT: to receive all SMS.

How to deactivate DND on Airtel

In other to opt-out from the service customers will have to SMS the word OUT to the code 2442. opting out is totally free.

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