5 Budget Ramadan Friendly Destinations

I know the whole Islam Community is very much excited about Ramadan and it is no surprise that they should be looking for some budget friendly Ramadan destinations to celebrate and hang out with their families.

It’s a spiritual time for those who are actively fasting during this Ramadan period and some places are the best fit for such activities like fasting and also where to get Halaal food as well.

During Ramadan you abstain from food during the day and this enables you to focus on your spiritual activities.  Most people also engane in Charity and also in acts of kindness too, but all of these depends on where you are during the ceremony and also what you do.

That’s why we have set up 5 budget Ramadan friendly locations or destinations so you don’t spend a lot of money on this travel

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5 Budget Ramadan Locations

Below are some of these cool locations that can fit into your budget.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. Istabul, Turkey

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4. Fes, Morocco

5. Cairo Egypt

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has captured the minds and hearts of many people in 2019 and its definitely one of the best places to be in during Ramadan. As you enjoy the benefits that comes along with being a tourist in Dubai you also enjoy the privilege of getting engaged that are organized by the government locally, this is meant to educate and remind the people on the significance of that period.

2. Istabul, Turkey:

Istabul is known to be an Islamic city in the country of turkey, and it remains the roots festivals like Ramadan in Turkey. The Local government tries it’s best to make sure that people get maximum benefit from the festival so they construct tents in which those who fast and those who do not fast come together and they celebrate at night and the city square is extremely filed with city celebrations. \

The Curan is read out loud and some things are sold to every one who attend, an example is an ornament and even religious books.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

One amazing thing about this place is the fact that it is known for its food and its markets and bazaars. There are lots of traditional snacks that one can try out there during Ramadan. As a result of these large variety of food options Malaysia has being one of the best places to go to for Ramadan. If you are not fasting you also get the chance to interact with others not fasting and also faster as well. Some tourist have been invited over to homes by families and friends they have made during Ramadan.

4. Fes Morocco:

This is another budget friendly place to go to during Ramadan. When you walk around the city you get to fill and embrace the history of the land despite the fact that the city is a modern life city.

It has one if the world’s oldest university called Quarawiyyin and there are very many mosques and they call it the gate way to the Rich Mosque.

5. Cairo Egypt:

It has ancient civilization and it has caused a lot if mixed heritage in the city.

The Egyptians take the Ramadan seriously as they embraced their Islamic roots of their city its visitors are exposed to people who decorate their homes and the city walls.

This place boasts to be one of the best beautiful examples of historic Islamic buildings in the whole world.


I hope these budget friendly places to visit during Ramadan are helpful to you.

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