Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia is hatred or prejudice against people from other countries. Xenophobia is often times as a result of fear by an inward group against an outward group and manifest itself in suspicion of the activities of others, and a desire to eliminate their presence to secure a presumed purity and may relate to a fear […]

How to Grow Long Hair

When you see a lady with natural long hairs what first comes to your mind. Maybe she is born with it, maybe it is a smart haircut routine. For some ladies enviable long hairs just happens, while for others they follow day to day routines. In this article I will be listing 10 routines that […]

How To Start Ice Block Making Business

Have you ever been to a vicinity where there is hardly light or if there is even light, it is not adequately sufficient. Well in such areas individuals needs to cool their things like cooked foods and drinks etc. and also take cool drinks, because of inadequacies of power supply a need has arisen, giving […]

How To Renew a Nigerian International Passport, Fee

Having a international passport is not as difficult as first imagined. With the international passport one is capable of travelling anywhere around the world, yes around the world. When the passport expires then what do you do? Well this article will help enlighten you on how to go about renewal of passports and other things. […]

Biography Of Invictus Obi

Of late precisely on 16th of August, 2019, world wide news broke the news that a certain invictus obi also known as Obinwanne Okeke was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States for a wire fraud valued at $12 Million after hacking UNATRAC Holding Limited’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Office365 […]

How To Make Homemade Bread

Bread is now very common in Africa moat especially in this part of the world where it is sold at every nook and cranny in the society ranging from the locally made bread called agege bread to the more executive ones. Bread has become a much needed package people travelling to various places go with. […]

betBonanza Unveils Daniel Amokachi as Brand Ambassador

Legendary ex-Super Eagles footballer and former Assistant Manager of the Nigeria National Football Team Daniel Amokachi A.K.A “The Bull” was on Thursday unveiled as the Ambassador of a new sports betting brand called betBonanza in Lagos, to a group of newsmen, bloggers and influencers. Amokachi was introduced at the official Press Conference to launch the […]

How to stop unsolicited messages from Airtel

Are you finding it a burden receiving unsolicited messages from Airtel ? Do you wish to be informed about how to stop receiving these messages from these service providers? if yes then this article is for you. In agreement to the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) policy, which instructed all network providers in Nigeria to provide […]